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    One account - mutliple users


      I work for a school and am interested in the Form Central product to survey and collect feedback on student learning and other information from parents.

      I can see infomation for single users, but in a school context this in not affordable to get every teacher who will create / edit and analyse feedback an individual licence.


      We run the full Creative CC package at the school, holding a licence for all this software and were hoping it might sit within that, but seemingly not.


      Is there any way to have multiple users on the one account without the cost associated with individual licences.


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          Josh_Corey Adobe Employee



          We do have a free solution that should fulfill your needs.  I'll continue with more info below...


          There are not any special pricing plans for schools, non-profit or others, there is also no sort of shared or team plan.  FormsCentral is also not a part of the Creative Cloud membership. 


          You would want to create one paid subscription that would be the "master" account where you'd create your new forms.  Then, anyone who needs to analyze the data, or collaborate on any of the forms can create a Free account and you can share forms with those Free users, you can either share the form and/or the responses at different levels of permission.  The features in any form are tied to the authors subscription level, so long as you (the one with the paid subscription) are the initial author on the forms and share them with the other Free users all the forms behave as paid subscription level forms (response quota, ability to distribute as PDF, email reciepts and notifications etc).


          Here are the instructions for sharing your forms: http://forums.adobe.com/docs/DOC-2462