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    Presenter forces permanentely the file save dialog even for unchanged documents

    StefanSx Level 1

      Presenter permanentely forces the "Do you want to save the changes ..." file save dialog to appear even for unchanged documents when I try to close it.

      Do you want to save the changes.jpg


      To confirm the saving all times is not the solution because then I will loose the file's time/date stamp for the last real change.

      Not confirming the saving can be risky in case of any changes to the document which I am not aware anymore for that moment.

      Especially in case of having multiple documents open - this drives me really crazy.


      Deactivating the Adobe Presenter Add-in would solve the issue - so it is a problem related to Adobe Presenter (and not related to Powerpoint).


      I am using:

      Adobe Presenter 9.0.2

      Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010

      Windows 7, 64 bit, Service Pack 1


      Thanks for your help