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    How to reduce photo size


      I am recently facing problem of site load. Due to heavy image size in few inner pages of my site at http://healthreviewcorner.com i face my site load slowly. Alexa speed ranking of my site is much slower than any other related sites. Is there any way I can reduce the photo size and make it load faster. Thanks.

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          if the files are set to the correct physical size for your design and you have the ppi set to 72ppi not really. If you have saved the images bigger than that you need to make them 100% of the design size and reduce the ppi to 72ppi (screen resolution) I normally work at 150ppi but 72 is the smallest you want to go.


          I am no expert but I hope that helps

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            PPI has nothing to do with the web - pixel dimensions do. Your product images show up in my browser as approx.150px square or thereabouts. If you are loading up images any larger than how they display you are wasting bandwidth and have software resizing your images. You need to make sure your images aren't any bigger than you need in terms of their pixel dimensions (x by y).