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    Error  while assigning resultset value to Querytable variable in Coldfusion 10

    ChandraPgarg Level 1

      We are upgrading from coldfusion 8 to 10. Internally we were using java function to to get the data.


      In java function we have a resultset object, if we assign this resultset value to Querytable variable, we are getting below error. This code was working fine in coldfusion 8.


      Detail    This exception is usually caused by service startup failure. Check your server configuration.

      Message    The Runtime service is not available.

      StackTrace    coldfusion.server.ServiceFactory$ServiceNotAvailableException: The Runtime service is not available. at coldfusion.server.ServiceFactory.getRuntimeService(ServiceFactory.java:117) at coldfusion.runtime.RequestMonitor.<clinit>(RequestMonitor.java:14) at coldfusion.sql.QueryTable.populate(QueryTable.java:358) at coldfusion.sql.QueryTable.populate(QueryTable.java:283) at coldfusion.sql.QueryTable.<init>(QueryTable.java:96) at com.myCompany.myClass.myFunct(myClass.java:627) at



      Here is the function which is causing error.



      static private QueryTable myFunct(String userId, SessionFactory sf) {


              PreparedStatement pStmt = null;

              ResultSet rs = null;

              QueryTable ret = null;


                  Query q = sf.getCurrentSession().getNamedQuery("ListUsers");

                  pStmt = sf.getCurrentSession().connection().prepareStatement(q.getQueryString());

                  rs = pStmt.executeQuery();// works fine till here

                  ret = new QueryTable(rs);  // error line         


              }catch(Exception e){


                  throw new RuntimeException(e.getLocalizedMessage());


              return ret;



      Can you provide some help on this. Please let me know if you need any other details.