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    Photoshop CC corrupting files (layers) while saving




      I'm having the issue that photoshop Creative Cloud is coincidentally corrupting my files while I am trying to save them. In detail this means that photoshop is deleting some or just one of the layers independent of the time I have worked on it. In the beginning it "only" happens after a couple of hours worked on it. Then I have tried to save to files more often and restart photoshop mutliple times during the days to avoid "long working duration" with the program. But then the application also deleting the layers after 20 minutes of work. Basicly the layers are just gone and I have to reconstruct them.


      My references are:


      iMac 27" with 16GB of memory and internal HDD on which I am working with the psd files


      Operation system: Most up to date Mac OS 10.9.2 Mavericks


      Adobe Creative Cloud: All updates done.


      What I have done so far:


      Created a new Mac user within I am working at the moment


      updated every software and opertion system


      not using any 3rd party plugin / or hardware except the apple mouse and keyboard


      checked the RAM with multiple tools which have shown me no errors at all


      At the moment I am running a harddrive scan which is looking for errors in the filesystem with disk utility



      And of course: I have search the forums and google before I am opening this threat where I have already found a couple of other threats and people who are having this issue, but most of them a couple of months ago. A few of them thought this issue is related to bad RAM. Some thought it would be related to the graphic card. Others thought there might be driver or updates missing. As written above: I can already exclude the useraccount, RAM, updates and driver as well (cause it's a mac).


      Additionally I want to mention that I am working within a team of creatives and my colleges are all using and doing pretty much the same like me. Using similar machines, same programs, same operation systems. And none of them have this problem. So I am hoping now that any of the adobe engineers could help me with this problem as I am not knowing anymore what I should do to get rid of this problem.

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          Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

          We have certainly seen other people with similar problems, but they were generally losing the entire file!  So, thinking about it, I can't remember an instance where partial corruption was loosing parts of the file.  We have also seen a lot of issues around Mavericks, but I am a Windows user so have not taken a lot of interest in those threads.


          Mean while, save out to incremental file names every hour or so.  I always do this with big projects.  I also had the thought that Shadow Protect - which I use for back up - saves incremental backups every 15 minutes, and that I can apparently chose any point in time to retrieve a back up. I've never actully tried this though.


          Are the lost layers the most recent work you have done on the document?  Can you correlate the lost layers with particular events?  Are you sure that the most recent saves worked at all, and that you are not looking at a previous save point?

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            Columbiana Level 1

            Hey Trevor,


            No, there is no correlation between the loss of layers and any events. I am just working normally with photoshop and the loss of the layers is only occuring sometimes on saving. Sometimes once a day. Sometimes only twice a week.


            And yes, I am sure that it occurs to the most up to date file as the corrupting happening right away after I have hit the save button. And also it progresses deeper if I am not closing down photoshop at that point. So for example if I am enableing / disabling the layers or going through them it is destroying the actual work further and furthermore.

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              Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

              It has to be OS related rather than Photoshop methinks, and I am afraid I know nothing about Macs.  There is a list of 10.9 issues here




              A similar issue here



              Heck, there's a bunch of relevent hits HERE


              Good luck

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                Columbiana Level 1

                Infact it's not a problem to save the file. I am able to save the file. But the action itself, hitting the save line, results not only in saveing the file, but also in destroying particular contents in it. Afterwards it is still readable and some of my saved changes are also saved. But also the other changes, made by the saveing process by Photoshop have been saved.


                So to say it again: I am able to save, but it doesn't save the content, infact the application destroys it and saves this "corrupt" content.

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                  Curt Y Level 7

                  I have no answer, but have a few questions that might help you narrow problem down.


                  Is problem repeatable with the same file?  If so take this file to a college's machine and see if you get same result you see.  Use same OS version as Mavericks has a host of OS bugs affecting PS.

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                    Columbiana Level 1

                    No, the issue happens with different files as well. In the end if decided that I will reinstall the operation system from scratch after I have back uped my files. This is my last hope...

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                      Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

                      Before you do that, is there any tie up with the other threads I linked to above?  I'd have thought that such a serious issue would have been all over this site and others if it was wide spread though.  At least it is easy to reinstall your Adobe apps with CC (if you have a decent connection).

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                        Columbiana Level 1

                        As far as I can see there's not any connection given to the board discussions you have posted. Of course the topics and content sounds similar, but it doesn't reflect my current problem.


                        I have already done a application reset by deleting every related Adobe configuration files from the library. I am not expecting that the Adobe binary files are corrupt theirself.


                        Anyway I am having a unsolveable issue with Outlook on my machine as well, which would even occur after a change of the local user. So that's why I think it might be necessary to reinstall the OS.

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                          UberFriendly Level 1

                          My problem is when saving a file "Save As". When I "save as" a jpg it creates another file. Last night when working on our wedding invitations I saved the PSD file as a JPG. I do this because the print function on Photoshop does not work (sometimes it prints 800 pages of goop)


                          When I convert to a jpg, I then print the jpg from Acrobat and that works. However, sometime when I try to then save the original PSD file with the layers included, it gives me an error that that file path is corrupt. So I save as a different name. In this case I called it "REDUNDANT copy of Wedding Invitation.psd"


                          That file saved and I re-opened it just to be sure it worked. Then I was able to save it with the original title "Wedding Invitation.psd"


                          My fiance and I then went home. We reviewed the invitation and decided on some minor changes to the text. When I came to the office and opened the file, both the redundant and the original copy of the PSD file was flattened like a pancake into a single locked "backgroud" layer.


                          This is the closest thread I found to my issue. Am I the only one?

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                            I am having the same issue! I was working on a collaborative poster last night and when I was saving other documents I had also opened in photoshop CC my main file (the collaborative poster document [saved as TIFF]) shut itself down.  When I tried to reopen the TIFF file chunks of image data was missing.  It looked like someone had taken the  rectangle tool and deleted parts out of every layer image I had recently edited.  I also tried to open the other documents I had been saving at the time and they all had the same rectangular piece missing/cut out of the very center of the object image with which I was working. 

                            I have not yet updated to Mavericks because of all of the issues I have been hearing about it.  So clearly the version of Apple Software is not the problem. Although, I do think it is interesting that Windows Users are not experiencing this problem (at least none that I am aware of).

                            I, however, have not had a problem until just last night around 11:15pm.  I am actually afraid to use the adobe software now incase it corrupts anymore of my files.

                            So I understand the whole partially corrupted part because the file still opens but image data is missing/lost.  In addition, to what you are asking--that is, is there anyway to prevent this from happening again--I want to know if there is a way to recover my files.  Since this is an issue with Adobe Software, I would like to see that they not only have a way to prevent this from happening again but that they would have a way to retrieve partially corrupted files.  I am a college student and I have been told to not only invest in Adobe Software but to trust it, but I cannot afford to be investing in a incorporation that produces buggy software.

                            ADOBE, I think it is time for you to chime in here.


                            P.S. I will see if I can find any Adobe published software that will recover corrupted files, but please keep posting, and let us know what you find out!

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                              I came here to see if anyone else had a corrupt PSB file. Yes I had the issue today. I saved the file and reopened and it turned things black and chopped up holes in layers. Anyone from ADOBE solve this issue?

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                                Level 7

                                We haven't seen Photoshop cause the problem.

                                But we have helped customers identify a lot of bad disks, bad server volumes, and OS bugs that can corrupt files when saving to file servers.

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                                  chloed40605955 Level 1

                                  I have the same problem, have been working on a project for 3 days that needs to be delivered in the morning & everything has gone black, help! I recently installed photoshop cc have never in 20 years of using photoshop had a problem like this, what is it??? is my work lost for ever???

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                                    Not to sound like an idiot, but I thought I was having this problem. The truth is that Photoshop opened with the History tab active instead of the Layers tab. Since I was in a rush I didn't realize it and just went into panic mode.

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                                      Hi, Chris


                                      That's a pretty general statement.  Can you describe in more detail a couple of instances where this was the case and steps taken to resolve it?  What are some tests sysadmins can perform to identify, in way that would affect Adobe apps, suspect hardware or storage?

                                      - cal

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                                        I'm having the same issues listed here!  Chris can you recommend some of the bug fixes to try?  Really hope this can be recovered.  It would be a huge loss to loose these files.

                                        - Brynn

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                                          Cousin-Jack Level 1

                                          I'm having the same problem. After I save as (a copy) a PNG file, the original PSD file gets corrupted after a few saves. I don't save it, and try to reopen, but it's still corrupted.


                                          I'm working on a Mac OS 10.6.8

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                                            I have been having a similar problem with Photoshop CC 2014 corrupting irreparably files after saving them on my Mac(s).


                                            It is impossible to say when, but here is my workflow, maybe it will help someone think of possible fault points:


                                            1) Adobe Creative Cloud with the latest version of LightRoom and Photoshop (note that this happened in previous versions), on a 27" iMac with 24GB RAM OSX Yosemite (10.10.3)

                                            2) In Lightroom, select a set of Raw files (Canon CR2) and create a Collection

                                            3) Export the files as Photoshop PSD files and add to the Catalog in a separate folder

                                            4) Press Command-E and select 'Edit Original' - this will open the file in photoshop

                                            5) Do edits in photoshop (sometimes extensive, but usually flatten the image before saving, as I don't keep the layers in my editing.

                                            6) press Command-W or Command-S to save and close the file.

                                            7) at this stage LightRoom will identify the file as corrupted and unreadable and neither LightRoom or Photoshop are able to open the file. Lightroom shows the exclamation mark and a message "Lightroom has encountered problems reading this photo. You will not be able to make adjustments to the photo." and the Photoshop says "Could not complete your request because it is not a valid Photoshop document."

                                            8) In this case I have to repeat the process from step 3 and hope that this time it will save the file correctly.


                                            This happens frequently but at this stage it appears to be a very random occurrence so I am unable to pinpoint what action triggers this.


                                            Happy to generate and supply corrupted files for analysis to developers if needed.

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                                              Same problem and only with 2 students using Mac's with CC. PC users with CC have had no issues. Never had any issues with CS6 on Mac's or PC's.  Students are creating design work with fonts and images and neither had uploaded any photo files. Each time the file was fine when they closed it and appeared corrupted when opened. Both had rectangular shapes cut from them. The work couldn't be salvaged and they had to re-make the images.

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                                                Level 7

                                                Are you using MacOS 10.10?  MacOS 10.10 has several well known video driver bugs that can cause the appearance of document corruption, plus a few bugs that can actually corrupt memory.

                                                Apple is aware of these issues and still working to solve them.

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                                                  CraigBowman Level 1

                                                  I'm using 10.8.5 and have had no issues until last night… same thing… This issue has been going on for quite a while… I'm not sure working to solve the issue is high enough on the list… !

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                                                    My PNGs started breaking too. I'm on v.10.10.3. Just updated to Photoshop 2015 CC today and this problem started. Any ideas how to fix this?

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                                                      Add me to the list.  My PNGs also are appearing to get corrupt when saving.  Photoshop CC  (2014.2.2).   Windows 7.0 Ultimate SP1.


                                                      It doesn't happen with all PNG files, and I have found no pattern.  But the files will always end up looking like they are cut off on the bottom.  Sometimes there is "junk" at the bottom of the image instead.  The PNG looks fine through windows explorer, and it appears fine if I open it up in Photoshop.

                                                        Z Raindrop capture 1.JPG


                                                      However, when I use it in something - whether a video editor such as ProShow, or even Adobe software such as InDesign, the image will appear cut off.  The sample below shows this, plus the "junk" at the bottom of the image as well.

                                                      z raindrop capture 2.JPG


                                                      I created another one from scratch, this time making the file size about 3 times as tall as was needed.  This time the corruption shows up at the bottom, but the image isn't cut off.  I suspect because the corruption is happening at the tail end of the file being saved?




                                                      This started happening in the last 3 weeks or so.  I haven't installed any updates, video drivers, etc.  (unless Windows updated something without my knowledge).

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                                                        Can anyone update on any new information on this? I'm running Yosemite and CS6 (installed version, not Cloud). I've been working on a large TIFF file for the past several days and the file suddenly became corrupted. The background layer became black (was white) and the image had large holes taken out of it. In my panic I tried saving a new version of the file but wrote over the original (huge profoundly unfortunate error on my part). I just got a new computer and haven't hooked Time Machine up yet. I tried using recovery software to find a previous version of the file but that failed. I'm obviously very upset that I've lost the work but I'm more concerned about this happening again. Is it CS6 that has caused this or Yosemite? it sounds like it's CS6 which has caused this seeing that others have referenced the same problem with other versions of Mac OS. This is hugely distressing. I've been using Adobe products for many years and have gotten used to the occasional bug and slow response to supply a fix but this is a much bigger issue. As one person commented previously, I need to be able to trust the software and know that this is being fixed so that it doesn't happen again. I'm aware that my haste caused me to loose my file but I need to be able to depend on Photoshop to not corrupt the files in the first place.


                                                        Does anyone have any insight into this, particularly anyone at Adobe? Is this being fixed? It's clearly affecting a growing number of people and is a serious issue.

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                                                          stupid screen name here

                                                          Still happening, but now it's just random. If I leave a file open in photoshop for over an hour it will become currupt, I'll close it without saving and re-open the file and it's still corrupt. I tried opening a different  file from a few years ago, and it opens corrupted.


                                                          Files open fine in Photoshop CS5.

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                                                            barrycraig Level 1

                                                            Adding my voice to this. File randomly corrupted mid work. Not saving, no error. Fortunately I only lost 20 minutes work because of multiple file version savings but the entire psb was irrecoverably corrupted. Im on a new mac pro, Yosemite, CC 2015. This is a hugely worrying bug.

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                                                              barrycraig Level 1

                                                              Just to add, the file matches to other descriptions, it appears as though someone has gone through every layer with the rectangular marquee tool and deleted sections at random. Even the saved selections in the channels are corrupt.

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                                                                I'm having the exact same problem. I too have a new mac book, Yosemite with CC 2015. Absolutely ruined 3 days of work. Furious.

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                                                                  I had the same problem but i resolved it by replacing the entire HD/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 folder with a non-corrupt one from a colleague. (or a new installed backup of this folder)


                                                                  Hope This Helps

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                                                                    Exactly the same problem happened to me today. Whole file cut through with rectangles. Everything was destroyed (the problem showed after saving the file, not while working on it).

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                                                                      Same here, Large files go corrupt and after reopening the file (no save) it is still corrupt.

                                                                      Please Adobe team do something about this. We pay a lot of money for your products.

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                                                                        terris86415680 Adobe Community Professional

                                                                        On the Mac visual image corruption is often a video issue, not file corruption. Have you tried turning off the GPU under preferences?


                                                                        • 34. Re: Photoshop CC corrupting files (layers) while saving

                                                                          To add to this long, yet somehow reassuring that it's not just me, thread - I'm also having this problem.


                                                                          It's hit or miss, sometimes happening on very large files, occasionally on smaller jobs. Usually always when adding a filter to the layer or saving the file out.  Huge blocks of layer data will go missing, or turn a color, or get very thin lines or all of the above. It's impossible to rescue the work by deleting that layer, or copying a seemingly unaffected layer, or often even reopening a previously saved version of the file.


                                                                          I am on a Macbook running OS 10.11 after replacing my hard drive. Problem started with old drive and running Mountain Lion.


                                                                          I'm at a loss and as someone says, I need to trust the software. I have a huge project about to start, and I'm almost afraid to invest the work.

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                                                                            Same issue here...


                                                                            Macbook Air - 10.11 (15A284)

                                                                            Photoshop CC 2015...


                                                                            After decades of solid PS performance this feels f-l-a-k-e-y as...


                                                                            scary stuff!

                                                                            • 36. Re: Photoshop CC corrupting files (layers) while saving

                                                                              Same Problem

                                                                              my layers have holes.

                                                                              file .psb


                                                                              New Mac Pro  3.5 GHz 6 core intel Xeon E5

                                                                              64 Go 1866 MHz DDR3

                                                                              AMD FirePro D700 6144Mo

                                                                              OSX 10.9.5

                                                                              Photoshop CC2015


                                                                              we have four New Mac pro (all the same) and two HPz820

                                                                              with Photoshop CC 2014 or 2015 install.


                                                                              This bug did happen twice on only one NewMacPro

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                                                                                Im having the same issue. IT have been trying to fix this for months now. they have even replaced my computer before christmas. Now I've logged in this morning, and the same thing happened, its the first time using this computer.... brand new machine every update available i have it, theyve even installed a new operation system for mac....


                                                                                There is no telling when it will happen, its completely RANDOM then the file goes pink yellow and broken (looks like a smashed computer screen) and I'm unable to use it....


                                                                                All i know is 1/4 the way through a project the file will corrupt. sometimes just a single layer, other times more, most of the time i can revise and resolve but long and short is I'm losing hours and hours worth of work and i can't go on like this. ADOBE what is the issue with the corruption of files on this version of photoshop and how do we fix it.......?????

                                                                                • 38. Re: Photoshop CC corrupting files (layers) while saving
                                                                                  muhammad nizzamb35841438

                                                                                  I have been having the same problem here. Doesn't use Mac. I use Windows 7. I have the same problem as KatzInAz2. But instead of corrupting the file when it is saved, it happen to my PSD file! Now I have to start from scratch. And seeing that this problem STILL hasn't been solved after almost a year, I don't think I'll ever go back to any Adobe CC software. Thanks and bye.

                                                                                  • 39. Re: Photoshop CC corrupting files (layers) while saving

                                                                                    Same problem here! I'm new to PS and using a fairly new Mac. It happened while trying to save files as PDF. 5 of my 12 files became all distorted, pixelated, mashed up looking. HOURS lost. I'm so frustrated. What the heck???

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