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    MathType equation issue with indesign

    Harsh_vardhan080489 Level 1



      I am new to InDesign and MathType, during doing indesign development I faced a very wired kind issue.


      I have created EPS file using MathType and try to place in InDesign and after placing that EPS file one of the character get changed.


      Following is the Equation created in MathType:



      and following is the Equation change after placing in InDesign:




      Much appreciated if you could help me on this issue.

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          Doc Maik Level 4

          Indesign placed the EPS without any warning?

          Seems like it can't access the font that was used in MathType. Check font substitution dialog for missing fonts. Else try a different export format, for example PDF.

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            MrMathType Level 3

            We have a fairly extensive guide for using MathType with InDesign: http://www.dessci.com/en/support/MathType/works_with.asp#!target=indesign


            Some things we have found that help prevent symbol substitution or disappearing symbols:

            • When you save the equation to EPS, always use the "EPS/none" format, never "EPS/WMF".
            • I see you're using Windows, but if you're on a Mac, don't use EPS at all. Save the equations as PDF. MathType for Mac has this option; MathType for Windows does not.
            • If you still have problems with symbols disappearing or being substituted, change MathType's Greek and math styles to use Euclid Symbol and Euclid Extra fonts. (This is in MathType's Size > Define dialog.)
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              Harsh_vardhan080489 Level 1

              Thanks for your reply.


              When i am placing EPS in InDesign it showing me following warning:



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                MrMathType Level 3

                Ok, but one thing I noticed in your original screen shot is the equation is saved as "EPS/WMF". In my tips, that is the format I said to never use. Re-save the equation as "EPS/none", and see if that changes anything. Also, did you try my 3rd tip? Change Greek and math styles to use the Euclid fonts.


                We've seen a good number of problems with the Symbol font, which is the font that's used for Greek letters, unless you change it to Euclid Symbol. Neither Symbol nor Euclid Symbol is OTF, which is a separate issue, but Euclid Symbol has less compatibility issues. It would be really helpful if the InDesign warning tells you which of the fonts are not available, but it never does. I'm guessing it's Symbol, which is of course available on every Windows and Mac computer, but sometimes InDesign doesn't like it.

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                  Fabiana GO - Brazil Level 1

                  You are a genius! If I could send the best food and the best drink to Brazil, because your post solved a whole day problem - symbols replaced -  Thank you! My best!

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                    MrMathType Level 3

                    Glad to help. Thanks for reporting the success.

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                      Fabiana GO - Brazil Level 1

                      MrMathType I need your Help! (Or any CSI agent who can help me solve the mystery)


                      I having problem with math symbols replaced with strange characters: my problems with mathe symbols was solved when I replaced the symbols with the Euclid Sans font (Big tip, Mr! cool!).


                      BUUUUUUUT (it always has a f$ckin#... but)


                      My formulas are appearing as below: replacing nothing (check formula by formula, there is no blank space or any character most of the time) by the symbol below (square with x in the middle).


                      Look this (red notes):


                      no blank space.png


                      And this:

                      middle of text.png


                      or this:






                      My style setup:


                      mathtype style setup.png

                      Maybe the problem it's a font used for text? Missing characters?

                      Font Used: http://gotrainers.com.br/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/ITC-Slimbach-Family.zip


                      - It's happening with no characters or spaces (end of formula)
                      - It happens at random: there are formulas with the same characters, some had this substitution and others are ok.



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                        MrMathType Level 3

                        Fabiana, I believe there is a simple explanation, but I can diagnose more easily if I can see the document. Are you able to attach it here or email it to me at support at dessci dot com? (Please ZIP the INDD file with the folder containing the EPS files.)

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                          Fabiana GO - Brazil Level 1

                          Can i send for email to you???

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                            MrMathType Level 3

                            Yes, of course -- at the email in my previous reply. It's OK. I got it. I may not be able to reply until tomorrow though.

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                              Fabiana GO - Brazil Level 1

                              Sure! When and if you can: I'm so thankful for your help, I do not want to bother you


                              And I hope to return the favor!



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                                MrMathType Level 3

                                Before I get into the answer, I need to say that beginning today I will be out of the office for 2 weeks. I think my answer will solve the issues in the document, but in the event you need to ask me something else, I will return on 31st August. If you need help before then, Design Science Tech Support will be glad to help (but I'm the only one from the company who monitors Adobe Forums, so please email support@dessci.com if you need help).


                                There are at least 2 issues involved here -- fonts and spaces.


                                Some of the fonts in your document weren't recognized when I opened the document in ID (I'm using ID CC 2017.1 for Windows). I had installed one of the fonts, and it still wasn't recognized. The other one in your ZIP file was "0 KB", so there was nothing in the file. Thus, the equations in the document in my screen shots are clearly from a different font in ID (they're OK in MT), but that wasn't the problem you were seeing, so we're OK there, I think. But the point is still valid -- EPS files that contain fonts will not render faithfully without the exact fonts being installed on the computer displaying them. Sometimes in MathType equations this will manifest itself as some characters being replaced with other characters. Most of the time this can be corrected as I described early in this thread (which you have already seen).


                                So this is what I see when I visit the 2 equations in your examples:




                                So you see 2 things here. One, you see the strange character in the equations in the ID document. It's different from the character in yours, but that's because the font is different in mine. That's OK. It's also hard to see in the 2nd image above, but it's there. The second thing to notice is that there is a thin blue line in the expressions as shown in MathType. This is the character that in ID is showing as "unknown character". The character is a non-breaking space. I do not know why is is not displaying nicely in ID, because it's a pretty common character -- but that is what is causing the problems. If I delete that character from these 2 EPSs, this is how it looks:



                                I'm not sure if you added the spaces to the expressions, but someone did, whether intentionally or otherwise. If you need more space in an equation, one technique is to use the shortcut ctrl+spacebar in MathType for Windows or command+spacebar on the Mac.


                                I hope this has been useful for you.


                                Bob Mathews

                                Design Science

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                                  MrMathType Level 3

                                  In fact, if you want to, it's possible to search for non-breaking spaces in all the EPSs. This article explains how to set up Windows search to search inside files: How to Search for Text Inside of Any File Using Windows Search. The HTML entity for a non-breaking space is this:  . So if you search for that within the Links folder, you will find all EPSs with that. It's possible to edit the EPS directly -- it's just a text file -- but please don't. I found 22 of them, so it will take a little bit of time to do it the right way, but the right way to do it is to edit them in MathType. Remove the space from each of the ones you find with x00A0, then save the EPS and when you're finished, update the links in ID.


                                  This is what I found in your Links folder containing one or more non-breaking spaces:


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                                    Peter Kahrel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                    On the 17th he wrote that he'd be away for two weeks.

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                                      MrMathType Level 3

                                      Fabiana GO - Brazil  wrote


                                      Hi, MrMathType any answer?

                                      I'm back, but I'm a bit puzzled by your question. You didn't see my answer that I posted on Aug 17th? If you did see that, I don't know what your question is.