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    certain pages do not print

    Stephen Lippert

      I'm using ACS4's Indesign. Two strange items occurred,  but just with this particular chapter only.  I'm hunching they are related, but don't know why.

      1. I've formatted my master page with page numbers and chapter title.  In the current chapter, all formatting shows fine on pages 8-20, but is absent on pages 1-7.  I can't figure out why.
      2. When attempting to print, InDesign prints from page 20 down to page 7, but then quits with the error message "Support Code: 306 A communication error has occurred. Make site that the printer is plugtgefd in, powered-on, and properly connected to your computer. Then try printing again."

            I restarted InDesign and also my computer-no success. My printer works fine; there is no connection problem with other documents including InDesign documents.

           Of course I can start a fresh file and copy/paste from my problem document, but would like to learn from this situation-- and have quite a few graphics to deal with.

        Many thanks for your feedback! Cordially, SNL

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          Do your page numbers show in Preview mode?


          Is ID patched to 6.0.6?


          What's the printer? Does the file print if you export to PDF and print from Acrobat?

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            Stephen Lippert Level 1

            Peter, Thanks for responding SNL. Regarding your questions:

            1. No page numbers show in Preview mode.
            2. Yes, I have InDesign version 6.06.
            3. Yes, I can print this chapter's  PDF.  Good Idea, hadn't thought of going that route.
            4. I have an Canon Pixma Photo Printer
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              Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

              If things don't show in preview mode that are supposed to, then they've been set to non-printing in some way, or there's an overprint of some sort that hides them, and they are not going to print.


              We don't normally see printing problems associated with Canon printers, but this is a photo printer we're talking about, and ID isn't the greatest application at printing to desktop printers in general. The normal workaround is to export to PDF and print that. A few, perhaps more than a few, of us here advocate that as standard procedure even when ID gets along with our printers. I find it's generally faster to print and frees up my printer for the next job sooner.