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    new numbering to begin on left page?


      I am trying to print a double sided document and the printer has me print all the odd/right pages then flip paper and print the even/left pages.


      The first page of the index in my InDesign file (page "a") begins on a left facing page in the document - but prints as a right facing page  (starts a new piece of paper).  This leaves a blank left-facing page before  Page A - and the rest of the index prints with odd pages on right and even pages on left.


      How do I eliminate this blank page and have "Page a" begin on a left facing page and the rest of the document print as odd-facing pages on left and even-facing pages on right?



      I know there is a work around by overriding master page items and numbering settings - but I hope there is a way through InDesign to fix this.


      Thank you