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    double click


      I want to add a double clik detect to a movie clip which works fine and dandy if the movie clip jsut has gaprhics in it. However, i really could do with having th emovie clip also house other movie clips. But when i od this the double click doesnt seem to work. heres the cide bewlow:

      var bubble:MovieClip;
      bubble = new bubble_container();
      bubble.doubleClickEnabled = true;
      bubble.addEventListener("doubleClick", doubleClick);

      bubble.addEventListener("click", singleClik)

      function doubleClick(event:Event){
      trace("im double clikked");


      function singleClik(event:Event){
      trace("im single clikked");

      is there a way of basically listenting for anything in bubble being double clicked?

      thanks v much in advance