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    A indesign file keep crashing while open


      I am using indesign cs6 at windows 8.1.


      One of my indesign file keep crashing while open.


      It would show "failed to recoverey the file" do you want to recovery again?


      The windows would show adobe Indesign CS6 has stopped working either i click yes or no or cancel.


      But i can't find any crash report.


      I've tried empty caches, remove SING and reset peference. I still on work out the same.


      The document actually load a little bit. I can see the document name, paragraph styles and character styles clearly then crash.


      It happed after I put an TOC.


      What can I do with it?


      I don't have any other backup for the file.


      And I can open some other indesign file without any problem.