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    Why isn't the AWS_ACTION Process Field not being updated by user action in workspace in a PDF?


      I have a PDF form (not XDP) that is routed in workspace to a number of reviewers.  The form has validation built into the form preSubmit that validates different fields depending on the action taken and where the form is in the process.  I have added 2 User Actions (Submit and Save Draft) in an Assign Task operation.  THe buttons are displayed in Workspace as expected.  When the user clicks I want to set a variable in the PDF that I can use to understand what to validate. 


      I have Process Fields and Form Bridge on the first page of a 2 page form.  When the user clicks on the User Action in workspace the AWS fields are updated with the exception of AWS_ACTION.  AWS_ACTION is never updated with the Action Name of the selected button.  AWS_CHOICE has a valid list of action names. 


      If I use an XDP file the AWS_ACTION field is update correctly.  There are a number of digital signature in the process so I need to keep the PDF.  Does AWS_ACTION work properly with PDFs or do I have something mis configured? 


      We are using ES4 .