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    no screen capture program in CC?

    NeoTerran Level 1

           I realize there are a ton of programs out there with varrying degrees of usefulness for this sort of thing. But I would expect such a comprehensive toolset as creative cloud would have some way of recording my desktop/other adobe programs. I work in marketing for a software company, so the vast majority of video done by us, is from the software itself. I hate having to rely on 3rd party programs and freeware video converters to do this. I understand captivate has this ability..... but for some reason is not included in the package. I also understand there was an Ideas post, where this topic was voted on. However I do not have the necessary perms to access that page.


           If anyone is aware of a change, or could perhaps point me in a direction where my cries will be more usefulI, that would be appreciated. I guess I should also mention the reason I want adobe CC to support screen capture natively is because I love the entire CC package to death! the developers at adobe, could run circles around any of these compettitors (techsmith for example) in my opinion.