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    CC Desktop App doesn't think I have LR installed

    Les_Cornwell Level 1

      On switching my PC on today, I was prompted to load updates to Camera Raw which I did. For some reason they were applied via Adobe Application Manager rather than the CC App... (I thought CC had replaced AAM)


      However now, when I go to the Apps tab in the CC App it shows Photoshop CC & Bridge CC but not Lightroom. LR appears below under 'Find New Apps' with the 'Install' box next to it, but it's already installed.


      Any ideas why CC doesn't think it's installed & how to sort it? I'm sure CS6 Extended used to appear under installed Apps too.


      Edit: Just noticed if I click on 'More information' for Lightroom under 'Find New Apps', it takes me to a download page for Lightroom 5.4 ??  I only have LR5.3. Very confused now