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    Audio Overlapping Issue (AS3)

    graphias Level 1


      1. While hitting the previous button the audio starts overlapping. I tried various setting and failed to correct it. Can anyone suggest the correct method?
      2. I also placed the Audio inside a movie clip and put a stop(); action in the first layer. This almost corrects the issue.
        However, If i keep hitting the back button continuously at some point the audio starts overlapping again.


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      I am creating a presentation in AS3 for which I am using


      1. Back and Next button. (Layer 1).
          Previous Button: Instance name = bi_previous

           Next Button: Instance name = bi_next


      2. Using a audio file (Layer 2). This is suppose to run endlessly in the background. The Audio is directly placed in the layer and Sync: Event/Loop is provided.


      3. Actions (Layer 3)

      bi_next.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, goClick);


      function goClick(event:MouseEvent): void {








      bi_previous.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, prevClick);


      function prevClick(event:MouseEvent): void {





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