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    Hide / Show - Creating Conditional Elements Problem


      I have created a job application form that requires a 10 year history. The form has fields for 7 previous employers. All fields are required. I have a YES / NO Single Choice Field / Conditional Element at the end of all the fields for each previous employer. The question is: Does this complete the 10 year history?  If YES is selected for previous employer #1 I want the remaining 6 previous employers to disappear. If No is selected for previous employer #1 all the remaining previous employers should remain visible. If YES is selected for previous employer #2 the remaining 5 previous employers should disappear….Stick with me, I’m getting to the punch line……


      Using the Skip Logic Rules I can make previous employer #2 disappear if previous employer #1 is YES but previous employer #3 is still visible. If previous employer #1 is NO #2 & #3 remain visible. If #2 is YES #3 remains visible. That’s the problem.  In Show / Hide Items conditional element the 1st rule is to hide if #1 is NO. and the 2nd rule is hide if #2 is YES. And so on……..


      Additionally yesterday I spent a half an hour on Adobe support chat before I was disconnected with the solution still unresolved. Then I called Adobe support and logged over 2 hours between hold and remote support trying to figure this out. Finally I was told this problem would have to be sent to a “higher level”. That was at 3:00 pm PST. The “higher level” has yet to come down to my level so I’m hoping against hope this may be the place to get some insight.