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    HELP! How do I Prepare an AAF export for AE AAF Import? - unique problem -

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      I am taking over a feature film edit to finish in Premiere Pro. I want to use AE's Pro Importer to convert the Avid edit (AAF export) to an AE session and then export to PP CC.

      The 1st editor was cutting with Avid Media Composer. All the source footage is Sony AVCHD camera creating .MTS files. The Avid made .MXF proxies using Avid media DNx36.


      Here are the reasons for my problems (don't laugh):


      1. There are 20 days of footage in 20 folders. Inside each folder are X number of shots, the highest volume has 91.

      2. each day's footage starts with shot# "00000.MTS" which means there are 20 files named "00000.MTS" in this project.

      3. none of the source .MTS footage has any of the metadata filled out. Using an EDL an manually re-linking every single shot is a ROYAL PAIN, having to hunt for the right shot# 00041.MTS, example.

      4. The script supervisor's End of Day reports are riddled with mistakes of which scenes were shot on which days - says scene 8 was Day 13 but no Scene 8 footage in the Day 13 folder.

      5. Avid editor NEVER uses AAF export for Video, only audio. Everytime he tries, the AAF files either copy and link to the .MXF proxies in a new Custom folder OR are Offline/Missing on AE Pro Import looking at the AAF folder instead of my AVCHD folder contain all of the original footage.



      Can one of you MegaMinds help me help the Avid Editor (MAC-based) in AVID MC


      a. take his existing edit and re-link media to the original files

      b. export said edit to a NEW AAF with the original source footage files linked to the timeline

      c. get Pro Importer (AE) OR Premiere Pro to correctly import the AAF data with the original pathways (folder structure) for re-linking footage on my (PC-based) RAID

          -FYI-  Premiere Pro CC currently hangs up on import of his current AAF files.

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          Probably some very involved procedure with duplicating/ consolidating the files from within Avid to a dedicated media drive/ bin, possibly even duplicating the project file externally and loading it as an external bin into another project, all with offlining the bins and media drives somewhere inbetween to enforce the media to be relinked. Either way, this seems like something not even an Avid support specialist might be able to answer off the bat simply because your data management is so messed up.



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            A wild idea that may or may not help you:


            1. What if you exported an AAF (no embedded media) to Premiere.


            2. Then exported an XML from Premiere.


            3. Edit the XML with a text editor such as TextWrangler or maybe even Dreamweaver to find and replace file paths by using a "Find" seach for /source/mediafolder/ then a "Replace All" command for /destination/mediafolder/. (I think "Find" in both software mentioned is just "command-f")


            4. Do the same "Find" then "Replace All" to change file extensions -- .mxf to .mts.


            5. Then re-import that XML into Premiere or AE. The only reason I suggest XML's is because they are easy altered in text editors.


            ****This of course assumes of course your file managment includes the same names for offline and original media.



            Also, here's couple things you may or may not be aware in your trouble-shooting process:


            1. Premiere won't import AAF's with embedded media, so don't bother.


            2. AE sometimes has trouble importing AAF's with audio, so just make sure you toggle off audio on the AVID export side.

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              Or if you are really lazy, and have lots of storage space, maybe try batch re-transcoding all media on the Avid as Avid 220 (or whatever highest Avid codec is appropriate for your framerate) and then export the worlds largest AAF (with embedded media) to AE (no audio)? Maybe do it sections so its not so crazy.


              You are going to be killing your computer trying to work with .mts files anyways. AVC files are heavily compressed and require a ton of processing power to deal with in an edit. You might be better off using another codec for online regardless of how you end up solving this.