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    Flashpaper Coming Up Blank

    czarate_00 Level 1
      I've been developing a website for a company for over a year now. We have multiple reports developed in CF Report Builder that use cfreport with an output type of Flashpaper. I've never had any problems. All of the sudden, when I try and open one of the reports the page just comes up blank for me. Other users can see it just fine.

      Since other users can see it, it's not a problem with the page. I've uninstalled Flash Plugin, restarted my system, and reinstalled it. No luck. I tried reinstalling Adobe Acrobat in case that was causing any problems...nothing. I've tried shutting down my firewall....no luck. I know it has to be something on my system causing the problem, but I have no idea what it could be (I've had no major configuration changes that I can think of).

      If I change the output type to PDF, the report comes up fine.

      HELP!!! Any ideas???!!!!

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          I work at a large Fire Dept on the west coast and we had the same thing. The problem was 3 Microsoft Windows Updates that were automatically installed through Automatic Updates. Removing them fixed the problem but not a real fix. Adobe is currently no addressing this problem but I hope it help you. Remove through "Add and Remove Programs" in your control panel of each computer: KB 930178, KB 931261, and KB 932168. Sometimes we need to remove KB 931784 to allow us to remove the first 3.
          Good luck!
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            czarate_00 Level 1
            I don't even know you but I LOVE YOU!!!!

            This worked like a charm and kept me from throwing my computer out of the window.

            Thanks again!

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              Arpeggios Level 1
              Glad I could help Catherine!
              I did forget to mention, on the bottom right of your desktop. There may be a little yellow sheild that is the Windows Update icon. Click on it , choose "Custom" and you may have the option to un-check re-installation of the 3 updates. Un-check and click "OK". The next window will say "Don't inform me about these again...Choose that for sure or it will try to re-install them again.