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    Bugs & Feature Requests


      My company has been using Edge Animate in our Creative -> Developer workflow. We quickly came across some challenges.


      So, diving right in:



      • Scrolling the timeline or dragging a rectangular selection around multiple keyframes often results in a temporary freeze, or continued scrolling after the mouse button is released.
      • Dragging code window is SLOW.
      • Keyframing an object's centerpoint actually MOVES the object, rather than just changing location of its origin. This defeats the purpose of keyframing the center.



      FEATURE REQUESTS   (Apologies for duplicates across the forum)


      • Ability to re-order on timeline main timeline, not just in Elements panel
      • Hand Tool (triggered by spacebar)
      • Magnifying Glass Tool
      • No maximum zoom
      • Z-axis rotation (that's a biggun)
      • There's already an “Insert Time” function. Desperately need a “Delete Time”
      • “Select Unused Images” to clean out the Library
      • Relative coordinate positioning for symbols (during integration, the absolute positioning is wreaking havok with our Creative -> Developer workflow. It forces the devs to rebuild everything, and restricts us to not using symbols, which is extremely time consuming).
      • Obvious one: Ability to collapse and re-order Groups in main timeline layers, not just Elements palette (I'm sure lots of people have already requested this one)
      • Easy way to make transitions same length without snapping to timeline grid
      • PSD import, as in Edge Reflow (again, I'm sure that's a common request)


      Thank you!