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    How to change the source file of audio elements



      I am using adobe edge version 3 to add audio to a website.I use both .ogg and .mp3 files.


      Inside the _edge.js file the audio element has 2 sources (one for .ogg and one for .mp3)



                      id: 'audio_element_id',

                      type: 'audio',

                      tag: 'audio',

                      rect: ['0', '0','320px','45px','auto', 'auto'],

                      source: ['source_file.mp3','source_file4.ogg']




      I want to change the source file of the audio_element programatically......


      So i am using the following code inside edgeActions.js to change the source




      But this will change the source of both(.mp3 and .ogg ) to  new_source_file.mp3


      I want to change the source induvidually. What should i do??

      Also I wanted to know what " [0] " stands for in " sym.$("my_audio_element")[0].play(); "


      Please give me an example of a situation wherein i have to change the value of [0].



      Thank you