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    Jump Lines Glitch?


      Hello, I am experiencing a glitch with my jump lines when using a text frame on Master Pages.


      I just watched Anne-Marie's entry about jump lines on the lynda.com blog, but the issue wasn't addressed. I left a comment there, but if any of you has a better solution, I'd be delighted to hear it. My comment follows [with comments I added to try to make it clearer what I am doing]:


      I have noticed a glitch in the way the jump lines work when there is a <dedicated> text frame on the master page. I set up my file to include text frames on master pages so that the auto-add and -delete pages feature of InDesign CC works (and it works great!).  But when I have a sidebar text frame that I place on a page the “continued on …” and “continued from …” jump lines [seem to] use the master page text frame as a reference, so the jump lines that use the “next page” or “previous page” symbol only take the reference from the previous [or subsequent] master page, not the page on which the linked sidebar actually resides.  I double-checked the layers panel and made sure that my sidebar was topmost, that the jump line was over the sidebar layer. Nothing. I had to actually turn off the master page text frame via the eyeball in the layers panel and then it worked fine. This temporary fix is ok for now because all my sidebars are full page, but if that changes after edits, then I will be forced to rework and rebuild.  Have you found a fix for this glitch?  Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


      Below are the screen snaps of the master page and of the jump line issue (I had to obscure the text to preserve confidentiality of my client):

      sidebar jump line problem_inddcc.jpg

      Pages with the jump line problem.


      master page text frames_inddcc.jpg

      Master page with linked text boxes.


      Thanks for any help.

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          angie_l Level 1

          I updated my InDesign CC to the latest version. The problem appears to be resolved. My files are gathered into an .indb file which renumbers and adjusts the pages as changes are made, and all appears to be well now. That's one worry down.