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    New AIR Native Installers and avoiding flags

    DachFlach Level 1

      What is the best way to deliver Native Installers without raising flags from Browsers and Virus programs?


      I realize I could rename an exe to anything else and send it individually that way  but  that is not ideal if delivering from a website.


      The exe is digitially signed with a code signing certificate from a reputable CA.


      I could submit the exe to Norton and eventually that might save some face with that one virus program. But what about the rest?

      And browsers for that matter who are only the courier.


      Is there not a better way for New Adobe AIR Native Installers to Not get Flagged?

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          DachFlach Level 1

          I was constantly getting  "..not commonly downloaded and could be dangerous"  warnings in Chrome with my exe.

          I got a code signing cert and put the exe on an SSL site - still got the warnings.


          The following worked for me to get rid of the warnings in Chrome & IE - but be aware that this is possibly specific to my code signing cert.

          I got my Code Signing Cert. from DigiCert  and I am in no way affiliated - except for having purchased their cheapest option.


          After getting my cert. I signed my app in Flash Builder and got the warning mentioned above.


          However, DigiCert has a Certificate Utility ( maybe others do as well )   which allows you to sign apps after they are created.

          This worked for me where signing it in Flash Builder did not.

          Don't ask me why.


          These as mentioned, are AIR Native Installers.


          I just wanted to mention this in case others are having similar issues.

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            Thanks, the DigiCert tool looks like it solved the problem with my Windows Native Installer.  Now I just need to figure out the Apple/OSX solution.