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    can After Effects run on this iMac?

    Kim JohnsonHusu

      Sorry if I'm asking a bone-head question, here, but have been scouring the internet all day, trying to answer this question. I have an iMac, OS X 10.7.5, currently only 4 GB of RAM, with slots for 4 GB more. The processor is a 3.1 GHz Intel Core i5. The video card is an AMD Radeon HD 6970M. I have been doing animation in Flash CS6, for a few years- nothing fancy- just 2D character animation. I have a client that wants me to deliver this same sort of animation, but in After Effects. Not sure why they require After Effects for this kind of low-tech animation- maybe that's just what they're used to working with. Anyway, before going out and subscribing to After Effects, I want to make sure that it can run on my iMac. As I understand it, I may have some trouble with my video card, and I should add more RAM.


      Thanks for any advice.

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          Dave LaRonde Level 6

          If you're going to stick with the current iMac setup, DO NOT SUBSCRIBE TO AE CREATIVE CLOUD!  It won't run on it.   Instead, sniff around on eBay or someplace like that and get a copy of AE CS4, aka AE9.


          Maxing out the RAM would be good, too.

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            Kim JohnsonHusu Level 1

            Thanks, Dave- one more dumb question (sorry, I'm full of them!)- does this mean that I won't be able to subscribe to any  further Adobe products on the creative cloud, as long as I'm using my current iMac setup, or does that just go for After Effectis? I'd hate to think that I have to ditch my computer, in order to ever update any Adobe products! I currently also use Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

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              Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              I'll have to disagree with Dave. I run, correction am currently, I mean right now, rendering a project on a Mac Mini using Mavericks and it's working fine. All you have to do is add a some ram and upgrade the OS to run CC.



              As you can clearly see my Mac mini is the same generation as your iMac but with a bit less power. It's not going to be as fast as a new MacPro, but  with 8 or 16  (yes you can load it up) GB of ram it will do just fine. Even if you do not subscribe to CC your iMac will love more memory.

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                Kim JohnsonHusu Level 1

                Thanks, Rick- I'll take it on by my Mac store to have them upgrade the OS and add the ram. It's worth a shot- I'd really hate to turn down a long-term project, just because I couldn't run After Effects!