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    ACR 8.4 Update Problem

    JJMack Most Valuable Participant

      Today  when I use Photoshop CC menu Help>Updates....  It found and installed ACR 8.4 and Updated CS6 ACR to version 8.4.  However Photoshop CC ACR remains at level 8.3.   So I use Photoshop CC menu Help>Updates... again and it show everything is up to date. I  the use its about button that was not help. So I the use its Preferences button.  It now looks like my Adobe Application Manager preferences are set to only look for CS6 updates and the is no way to set its preferences to also check for CC updates.  Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop application state Applications are up to date including Photoshop CC.  However ACR is not shown in the Creative cloud Desktop application window.


      Did Photoshop CC ACR get update to 8.4 on any user Windows machine?