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    Optimum workflow for Premiere Pro and After Effects

    jmparsons3 Level 1

      I have been using Premiere Pro CS4 for three or four years. As I take on more ambitious projects, I have begun learning AE as well, since it offers many capabilities that PP alone doesn't.


      I am puzzled about how best to use the two programs, since much of their functionality overlaps.


      I typically import my raw footage from the camera into PP and do the basic editing and tweaking as required. I record the audio separately, so I import and sync the audio into PP as well.


      I generally shoot in front of a green screen, key out the green, drop the background in, then add titles during the stream.


      I have done all this in PP up to this point, but I am looking for the most efficient way to integrate the two applications. It seems to me that rendering a PP project that is linked to AE content takes a lot longer than I am accustomed to.


      Can anyone shed any light on the best way to take advantage of the strengths of both programs together?




      Joe Parsons