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    Help with Very Large Pages


      I am designing a layout for a Renga Haiku series.  I have 100 haiku that will be printed two/page on pages 4 5/8" wide.  These "pages" will then be printed side by side on a roll of mulberry paper, resulting in a scroll that is 231.25" (50 X 4.625").  Then they will be according folded and bound (see diagram below).


      I'm hoping someone can help me lay this out so that it can be printed on the roll.  I could treat this as one giant "page" that is 231.25" wide.  But InDesign says the max page width is 216".  Alternatively, I could create pages that are 4 5/8" wide.  But then I can't figure out how to print them one right after the other on the roll.  Is there a way to tell InDesign to simply print all fifty pages, one right after the other, with no space in between?



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          Dov Isaacs Adobe Employee

          There are really two approaches that you can take.


          (1)     Scale everything down by a certain percentage and then scale it up at print time (preferably export PDF and then scale when printing the PDF). If you example you use a 75% scale, use that scale factor for everything including column widths, text point sizes, etc.


          (2)     My preference would be to create this as one hundred logical pages, each 4.625" in width. Output as PDF and leave the “imposition” to whoever is doing the final print job. You could also use one of a number of Acrobat plug-ins from third parties to do that impositon to make the two physical wide pages from the 100 logical pages.


                    – Dov

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            designer12345 Level 1

            Thanks for this reply.  It sounds to me like Option #2 implies a third option that I should have thought of immediately.  Create a spread with two facing pages.  Each page will be 115".  Then print the spread.  I wonder if that would work.


            The option I ultimately choose will also depend on the amount of work involved.  I have all of the haiku in a Word doc.  If I have 2 large physical pages, each of which need to be divided into 25 logical pages, I could potentially use columns I guess, and then paste all of the haiku into the columns.  Hmmm...