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    How to invoke JavaScript for Premiere Pro CC?




      I am new to Adobe CC products/scripting and I'm trying to control Adobe Premiere Pro CC from another desktop application. Using ExtendScript Toolkit, from its UI, I can invoke JavaScript commands or files.


      But I can't find any way for my desktop application to invoke JavaScript commands. I can't seem to find any command line tool for it (no documentation either and JavaScript doesn't seem to be officially supported). Any help regarding this would be greatly appreciated.


      I tried using the Socket object on a .jsx file to act as a server (to listen for commands from my desktop application) and placing it on the common startup script folder. But the start up script blocks the UI of the Premiere Pro application entirely (even if I use "$.sleep(milliseconds)" function in between  the "poll" function for acquiring a connection). This wouldn't work for my application as I can't block the UI.


      For After After Effects CC, I can use the "afterfx.exe" on Windows and AppleScript with "DoScript" command on Mac, to execute JavaScript expressions or files. But this doesn't seem to work with Premiere Pro or any Adobe CC products. For Photoshop, I can just open any .jsx file with Photoshop (for e.g. "Open With") and it runs the .jsx file. But this technique doesn't work with all the other Adobe CC products (even the ones which support JavaScript officially).


      According to Adobe Premiere Pro developer centre, there is no mention of any JavaScript support. But since the functionality does seem to be there (as discovered through ExtendScript Toolkit), I am hoping I can get away just by using JavaScript commands to control Premiere, as opposed to using the native SDK for Plugins. However, I really hope Adobe Premiere Pro folks are seeing this and they officially support JavaScript soon .


      Thanks for your help.