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    Adding Index Entries Based on Paragraph Style

    dEaF TO LiGhT



      I finally paid one of those conversion companies to convert this QuarkXPress file that I was working with to InDesign, since InDesign seems like such a better program.  Everything seemed to transfer over smoothly, and I have now been editing this document in InDesign.  Unfortuantely, after a bunch of new edits, I realized the one thing that didn't seem to transfer over was the index.  The old Quark file had an index with about 900+ entries in it.  Is there any quick way to add all those entries back without having to go through the document and highlight the text manually, one by one by one?  That would take forever.  Pretty much everything that's gonna be indexed is after a paragraph marker of the paragraph style called "gray box."


      Also, since each entry is bold, it was set up as having a paragraph style named "title."  If IND could find anything with that style and add it as an entry, that may make my job way easier?  Does anyone know a solution to my problem?  Or will I be stuck selecting text over the next day and manually adding entries?