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    Image hyperlinks are lost upon export to HTML



      I have many documents I need to convert to HTML.  I need the images in the documents to be links.  This has worked fine, according to normal procedures if the images are png, jpg, or gifs.  However, most of my images are not those formats.  So if I have an eps, pdf, and tiff in my document, upon html export, there is no hyperlink.  That is, the <a href></a> tags are not in the HTML at all.  But if I convert the images to png, jpeg, or gifs, put them in my document, then choose that file format for conversion, the links work fine. 


      I want to say there is an issue with the link tags upon file conversion.  It could be something else, but I am not sure why it works for certain file formats and not others.  I figured ID would keep the association with the hyperling after converting an image from say and eps to jpg.  If anyone knows what if going on, that would be most helpful, or if anyone knew of a good way to keep hyperlinks for images after exporting to HTML, I would greatly appreciate it. 


      (I can obviously add the link tags myself in the HTML, or convert the images myself and put them in the docs, but I have many documents and would like some automated way.)


      Thanks for the help!