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    Can I load AVI or MPG codecs into PrE11?


      I'm making a home video, and I'd like to insert a short clip from a DVD, to add some humor. Think Clark Gable saying, "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn." Nothing long or substantial. I extracted an M2V and AC files from the disc, and I used Bandicut to isolate the few seconds I want. The filename (generated by Bandicut) says it is an avi file, but GSpot says it is "FFmpeg MPEG 1/2". Now I'm trying to get it into Premier Elements 11.

      There are a lot of codec packs that have lots of dll files. If I copy a well-chosen dll file into some file folder, in my PE11 program folder, will that solve my problem? If so, which dll file, and which PE folder?

      If not, is there any other good answer?

      I don't want to have to convert my avi/mpeg file into something else; I would simply like to be able to add it to my list of video assets, in a project.

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          CODEC's can be problematic. They are the "building blocks" of Audio and Video files, but there are so very many, and the list grows every year. This FAQ Entry goes into much more detail on CODEC's: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/546811?tstart=0


          I do not know Bandicut, so cannot comment on the format/CODEC that it might use.


          As for CODEC's, they are basically installed into the computer's system *, and MIGHT be able to be used by NLE (Non Linear Editor) programs, such as PrE. Some will work, but some will not, even when installed properly.


          I find that many CODEC "packs" do more harm, than good. First, many will install all sorts of "stuff" on one's computer, and a few install nefarious software, such as keyloggers, etc.. Then, many will overwrite good, commercial CODEC's with their hacked, or reverse-engineered versions. Then, some will change the priority of good CODEC's to something else. Adobe tries to hide all of its installed CODEC's (mostly from MainConcept), but the priority is still vulnerable to changes in the Registry, by the CODEC pack's installer.


          Last, with material, such as an excerpt from GWW (Gone With the Wind), one has the issue of the © of that material. Just something that one must consider.


          Not sure what to suggest, regarding that Bandicut file?


          Good luck,




          * Some players, and other programs do contain their own CODEC's, so if the proper one is not installed on the system, that player/program can fall back to one of its own. VLC Player, GOM Player and MediaPlayer Classic HC are some examples of programs with their own CODEC's built in.