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    Stuttering/jagged animation



      Sometimes some of the elements in Edge have smooth animation and others are jagged/stuttering... I use optimized PNG files with less than a MB big in size, sometimes around 200 KB.

      I also use linear and in-out curve animations, so...what can be the possible causes the jittery animation?



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          having the same thing here...


          Some animations are very smooth, but it seems that slow movements are not as smooth...



          regards, j

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            Pixelrave Level 1

            Yes, I tried everything from optimization, smaller size, etc...

            One possible cause is that even if import an image of let's say...200 px*200 px, if you resize inside Edge, the percentage will increase too... and this might cause the lagging issues.

            Another observation is, diagonal observations might not be smooth since the animation runs in time and not frames, so my best guess is that the computer is calculating X first then Y.

            Another possible cause is the filters, if you use Edge filters on a symbol with many element inside it, the filter will have to calculate for every element too.

            Overall, my best performance came from avoiding the use of filter, and optimizing/resizing elements to the exact size I want (to avoid resizing and affecting the percentage numbers in Edge).