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    Adobe connect video running smooth but mine not

    Crimson Sahil Level 1

      Hello everybody,


      I was trying to publish and receive H.264 video using AMS 5 developer version from flex code using netconnection and netstreams. I am trying to send a 200 kilobits/sec of video.


      1) The video being received at the other end is not smooth. Even a small drop in the bandwidth at publisher or receiver side produces jerks in the video and audio gets broken as well.


      2) Then I compared it with Adobe connects video it worked smoothly for the same scenario. So i decided to dive deep.


      3) The packet information says that there were some major differences in my video packet and adobe connect's video packet



      My video packet info
      Adobe Video paket info
      FlagsFlags: 0x018(PSH, ACK)Flags: 0x010(ACK)
      PUSHSetNot Set
      Window size value1189229
      Scaling factor64-1


      Can anyone explain me the differences and guide me about these attributes and how to change them in my application so that i can use this beautiful technology by adobe optimally.