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    CC syncing

    AadMetz Level 1

      I know this is the InDesign section, but the guys of the Creative Cloud section are not not replying.


      So here my question:

      After the CC update, my CC desktop app is syncen for 1 week.

      How does I solve this problem?

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          Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

          What part is not syncen? Fonts? Apps? Files? Behance?

          If it is the files part, take care if all items have compatible names, or go to the ocal and remte file location and delete everything there. (Of course save everything else you need on a different drive.) Some programs (like InDesign) are also sometimes creating incompatible invisible filenames. They have to be deleted. But the user can also make the same mistake.


          If it is the font part, take care that you have not installed a font with the very same name on your local computer. Then you don't need to sync this font from the TypeKit.


          Is it the App part? Then look whichprogram is guilty. Uninstall it with the uninstaller. Quit the CC application. Launch the CC application and install it again.

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            AadMetz Level 1

            @Willi: It is file syncing.

            I removed all files in the folder. But it is still syncing:


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              Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

              Did you also remove all files on the remote folder on Adobe's side. Click in FIles (in your Screenshoot in the Bestande-Section on the Button CreativeCloud.com and delete there aafter connection all files which are visible

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                AadMetz Level 1

                When I select the tab Bestanden I get this:


                When I click ont the lowest button CreativeCloud.com, I'll linked to the webiste, but that one gives an error.


                When I clikc on the button Map openen, I get the local folder and that one is empty.


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                  Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

                  Ok, I don't know why you get the error when you go to CreativeCloud.com. This is the problem. It might be a firewall, some problem in your Internet connection, I don't know. If you can resolve this problem, you have resolved the other problem too.

                  Maybe that you should another browser or go there once from another computer.

                  Folder (Map) open brings you to your local copy, but it is not the problem here.

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                    AadMetz Level 1

                    I get this error (for almost 1 week):