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      I just purchased a book from google and I want to import it to my Adobe Digital Editions library. I downloaded the .acsm file and I authorized my computer using my Adobe ID. when i try to import the file a pop up indicates that the file is  "unable to download" and it says "E_GOOGLE_DEVICE_LIMIT_REACHED. i tried to sign in with my google account instead using the google vendor login, but i cannot login because it is telling me that my login information is wrong when i know it is definitely right. I have not downloaded the file to any other computer, and i only have adobe digital editions downloaded on my macbook. I don't know what to do, but i know a bunch of other people have had similar problems. I called the adobe care number and the woman who answered my call was useless. can someone please help me solve this issue. Thank you in advance!


      Update: i created a new adobe ID using my gmail account, but that also did not work