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    Can I use AIR4.0 in FlashBuilder 4.6?


      I've been developing on FlashBuilder4.6 (AIRSDK3.5) now.


      Should be changed to 3.5 to 4.0 the AIRSDK me.


      However, I have failed in the way until now. (Copy AIRSDK in FLEXSDK)

      (Compile I get an error when you create a class of skin)


      The procedure, how they are used in FlashBuilder4.7. Wrote.


      Of "Authoring Guidelines"


      AIR4.0 Would not I use in FlashBuilder4.6?


      Please let me know if you find some way to avoid.

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          maruo2 Level 1

          I'm sorry .


          I was wrong AIRSDK to use. (using the AIRSDK_Compiler.zip downloaded)

          I was wrong FLEXSDK to use. (using the flex_sdk_4.6.zip downloaded)


          It worked fine if you combine the correct FLEXSDK and AIRSDK.

            FLEXSDK: using the "sdks/4.6.0" in FlashBuilder4.6

            AIRSDK: using the AdobeAIRSDK.zip download


          I could use any AIRSDK4.0 FlashBuilder4.6.