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    Software license inventory


      As a company member I handle and manage a lot of Adobe licenses. The new Adobe CC licenses are different from the classic perpetual licenses. What is the recommended solution by Adobe to collect both license types in one place ?

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          Rajashree Bhattacharya Adobe Employee

          Hi ArpadVegh,


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          Adobe has two main categories:


          1. Retail: the information of any Adobe product purchased as retail from Adobe is available in www.adobe.com


          2. Volume License : Information of any Adobe product purchased as Volume license from Adobe as well as reseller are located in www.licensing.adobe.com


          Note: Any Retail purchased from reseller has to be registered in adobe.com, it will not reflect on its own.


          So you can classify the type of CC you have (Retail/ VIP) .


          The retails & volume licensing information can not be bundled at one site.


          Hope this helps you.