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    Camera Raw 8.4


      КАК я Могу Музыкальные стили  примененные результаты обработок ДЛЯ отдельных настроек, а не общих? Пожалуйста верните в RAW 8.4 прежний просмотрщик настроек!

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          MadManChan2000 Adobe Employee

          Two approaches should work:


          1.  When selecting multiple images in the filmstrip, you can adjust slider settings (Exposure, White Balance, etc.) and the individual changes will automatically be synced to all selected images.


          2.  You can check individual items in the Synchronize dialog box (e.g., to sync only a subset of settings).

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            komolova-74 Level 1


            Thanks for the answer. But you didn't understand me

            In Camera Raw 8.3 I used the Preview button on each tab of correction (Basic, Curve, Effect, Lens Correction.... and others) very often it is important for me.




            I could look at result of concrete correction on each separate tab (Basic, Curve, Effect, Lens Correction.... and others). How I can return this function in Camera Raw 8.4?

            I don't accept the new Preview function in Camera Raw 8.4. She doesn't allow to see change of settings on concrete correction (to Basic, Curve, Effect.... and others), I can see only the general changes.