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    Shockwave playerer freeze

    the real POTMO
      I have faound a bug in shockwave player for Firefox 1.x - 2.0 and Also in Netscape Navigator.
      Internet explorer are completly spared.

      The problem is:
      when playing a movie in firefox with a lot of mouseUp/ mouseDown events (like in a shooter game) shockwave freezes without any error message at all.
      If you run multiple movies in multiple windows all movies will freeze.

      The symtoms are that exitFrame are no longer called in any sprite.
      nor prepareFrame, enterFrame, idle or stepframe.
      Timeout object stops working.
      The milliseconds keeps rolling in the background.

      Some other strange thing is that if you have an editable text field on stage and click and hold the mouse over it, PrepareFrame will be called but not exit frame. The same happens if you write in an editable text fieled.

      It also seems to be very random when the bug appears. Sometimes it takes a couple of seconds and sometimes meny minutes. Some computers seems to be spared from this bug but i havent found any pattern but that slower (older) computers are more often spared
      than newer faster ones.
      Both dualCore processors and single core are affected.
      AMD- and INTEL-processors as well.

      You can see an example of the bug in action at
      and download source code at

      Can someone give me an explanation about this . why does it happen?
      I think its a very critical bug cos' about statistics shows that about 25% if the internet users uses Firefox.

      I Hope someone at Adobe see this and fix this bug soon.
      And if youre an Adobe-amployee please let me know that youre working on this.

      B.T.W I use Shockwave
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          the real POTMO Level 1
          We have made a mouse macro that clicks on the shockwave movie and we have found out the following.

          Each test have been performed in intervals of about 20 seconds and repeated one hundred times. After each test we cleared the cashe and reloaded the site containing the movie. Each test contains from 1000 to 10000 clicks.

          Without moving the mouse and just click at one place repeatedly does NOT freeze the movie.

          Clicking and holding the mouse and move it will freeze the movie in about 10% of the tests within the 20 seconds.

          Keyboard input will not freeze the movie.

          Using mousePressed() or _mouse.mouseDown instead of on mouseDown gives the same result as on mouseDown.

          Without having any on MouseDown/on mouseUp/_mouse.mouseUP/down/ if mousePressed handlers in the movie gives the same result as using any of them. That means that only clicking repeatedly and moving the mouse on any shockwave movie will freeze it weather it uses the mouse or not.

          I will come back when we have found out exactly whats creating the error and a spimple way torecreate the bug.

          If someone wants to contact me for more information or mouse macro examples please mail me at "nisse [at] raketspel [dot] se"
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            the real POTMO Level 1
            now we have found it. if you turn off HyperThreading in BIOS it will not freeze ever.
            We ran 6700 test a couple of days ago with our macro. None froze.
            that explains why older computers never freezes (cos HyperThreading is only a comple of years old technology)