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    Loss of data? 14 days after saving notification


      Hi there,


      a participant to my questionnaire, let's call her Alex, saved her answers 14 days ago. Exactly 14 days, that is, on 27 March 2014. 10:08 am, for that matter. So to speak, not 14 days ago, but 14 days and 4 hours ago. Instead of submitting the answers online, she foorwarded me the confirmation mail.


      Today, when I saw the email, I followed the link provided in it. I perfectly could see her data, hit the button "Einreichen" (German expression for what I guess is called "Submit" in English). I did not see any confirmation, but was redirected to the first page of the questionnaire, still seeing Alex' answers.


      The database was not updated though, no new answer was imported. So I closed the tab in my browser and used the provided link again. Unfortunately though, now there is an error message saying the data could not be imported due to either an earlier submission of the data or an expiry.


      Is the data lost? Does anyone have a phone number of the formscentral support?


      Thank you for your help!