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    Trouble going from LR 5,4 demo to CC registrated version


      Since buying a Canon 70D my LR 4,4 could no longer read the RAW files from the camera.

      So I downloaded the LR 5,4 demo which worked just fine.


      Since LR 5,4 is no longer available as a standalone program I started a subscription to CC which also includes Photoshop.


      After the CC installation PS worked fine but LR still only runs as a demo and asks for a registration key.

      Having read about other peoples similar problems I first removed LR 4,4 from my harddisk but that didn't change anything.

      So I removed LR 5,4 as well and attempted to reinstall it from CC - but CC, for some reason, still does not know that I've removed LR - so there is no way I can reinstall it.

      Tried to reinstall LR from the Adobe CC homepage. Still unable to reinstall - so now I don't have any LR at all!!!!


      Thanks for reading. Really hope someone can help me!