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    Sound in ActionScript

    WebmastaDj Level 1
      Ok, I need some help. I am new the actionscript 3 and am trying to work a sound file. Basically I want to make a music player sort of speak. It just needs a stop and start button and I don't care if after I stop the file it start from the beginning again. In flash MX 2004 I just put the sound into the timeline and then made a button that stopped and started the music file in the libary. Now, it looks like there is a lot more option when it comes to playing sound files in flash CS3. Does anyone know how I can accomplish this little task. I have searched using google, but all I can find is solutions that is just to complicated for this simple project.

      Again the goal is: Embed a flash movie that will play a MP3 (mp3 embed in flash movie, not streaming from outside source) that has a start and stop button.