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    Can I limit the length of new layers in timeline?


      I'm working on hand-drawn animation in Photoshop CC using the timeline. Each time I add a new layer, it stretches for the entire length of the timeline and must be edited.


      Is there a way I can set or limit the length of a new video layer as it is created, so I don't have to navigate to the end of the document and trim it back to what's needed?

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          For hand-drawn animation one would use frmae mode, where none of thiss would matter...



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            karenlewis Level 1

            Thanks! But for the project I'm working on, video layers are working best.

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              Trickier than you might think. One way is to have a blank layer of the right length and then drag it to the new layer icon to duplicate. The more practical way is to use the scissors icon above the timeline. Here is where it gets tricky. Remember the left side of the frame is always used as a cut off point. Not the right side. So when you use the scissors tool at the end of the work area it will break the new layer one full frame short of the end if you drag that layer past the end point in order to make the cut. It does this to put the new "break" layer right at the proper start point. This the layer that you quickly delete. So the trick is to either use the right arrow key (with animation short-cuts turned on) to move the timeline one frame right before you make the scissors cut, or cut and expand it manually to the end of the work area.


              Once you get used to this, it certainly is easier than the long way.  And in big animations with lots of parts, this is why they did it that way. For example I use lots of folders in my animations which expand and contract in the timeline window.  So the overall work area is very big.  But I want to cut and snip in the area consumed by a particular folder only.


              Also, if you zoom out full at the end of the work area, you will be able to see this left-right side of a single frame. This is what adds to the confusion but it has to be. The timeline slider has to always stay at the left side of a frame in order to function properly.


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