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    textitem position


      I've got a script which creates some text and then uses the position property to place it in a location on the document.


      This works great, until I want to place the text at the very bottom of the document...


      Because the position property is based on the baseline, any characters with descenders, g, j q, p y goes outside of the document.


      Yes I could position the text slightly higher but it needs to be at the bottom, whether that be the bottom of the descender or bottom of the baseline if there's no descenders in the text.


      I've looked at the baselineshift property but it seems this will just move the text up or down regardless of any characters with descenders being present.


      My other thought was maybe using the translate property of the artlayer to position it at the bottom of the document?


      Any other suggestions or best way to do this ?



      Thanks in advance.