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    Adobe Camera RAW 6.7 Windows 7 Crashing etc...


      Good Afternoon,


      We are using Adobe Camera RAW 6.7 on Windows 7 32bit devices. We have had reports that it seems to be unstable and crashes or that they loose the view window and have to restart it to get it back.

      There also seems to be no way of viewing RAW files prior to opening them in the RAW plugin, making the process a bit hit and miss.  They should be able to open the files containing the RAW files, in the Bridge and preview before editing them in Photoshop. A temporary but not really usable workarround is that they open them through Photoshop, which gives you a postage stamp size preview, which is not really very usefull.


      Has anyone come accross this before in this version of RAW and discovered a fix for it?


      Any advice is much appreciated.