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    Tagged annotations failed when generating TOC from IND




      Here we go:


      1. MAC OS 10.9.2

      2. Adobe InDesign CC

      3. One document translated into 6 languages. Three LTR languages and three RTL languages. All six languages converted into Adobe PDF with accessibility options.

      4. Client provide the original InDesign file in English

      5. While generating PDF from three LTR languages return no error, the RTL langues are having issues with tagged annotations.

      6. Basically I took that English document and converted it as RTL document. Translations were inserted by Copy/Paste from a Word file. That processs applied to all six languages.

      7. TOC was automatically generated on all six languages, based on the TOC style created by client. For RTL languages I only changed the fonts and paragrph styles. For RTL languages I even deleted the text frame and generated again the TOC. Still no chance.


      Question: Why TOC in LTR languages si fine and looks like is tagged while on RTL langugaes is not tagged, therefore that error appears (tagged annotations failed)?


      Here is the Arabic PDF generated from InDesign. As you can see, the TOC has generated an error:

      Screenshot 2014-04-10 17.53.46.png

      It looks like the Index has only one tagged artifact - the title

      Screenshot 2014-04-10 17.54.18.png


      On the other hand, the LTR languges are perfect. There is no such error:


      Screenshot 2014-04-10 17.54.28.png

      Further more, it looks like there are two Tagged things in TOC: title and body.

      Screenshot 2014-04-10 17.54.47.png


      Again, I worked myself on those documents. It is true that for RTL languages I switch to WIN partition which also has InDesign CC installed. Both Adobe CC are installed for Hebrew support since mos of the documents I am working are RTL languages.


      Any solution?


      Thank you for your time.