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    ExportFile export only a portion of timeline, eg from frame 1 to 20 or from 50 to 100

    Alex B Martin Level 1


      Im with ExportController sample projct for CS5.5 using VS2008


      What i want is to divide the sequence in the timeline for premiere output small files and my plugin will be able to access them instead of premiere export a full timeline, my plugin waiting and then do the process.


      As a basic example, the premiere timeline has some videos, total sequence timeline duration is e.g. 100 frames, ok


      I want to tell the premiere to:


      A)Export from frame 1 to 50, when completed i do some post processing, and when i finish that post process, go for B

      B)Export from frame 51 to 100, when completed when completed i do some post processing and other actions



      How can i accomplish that ? is it possible or something to achieve the goal of divide the work