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    How does Refine Edge work?

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      I have been strugling with Refine Edge/Refine Mask. I can't understand what it is doing so it is difficult to me to make it work.

      I would like to know HOW you tell this command which colors to keep and which to remove. I have an image taken with a white background and trying to extract it to place in a dark background makes tons of white "spilling" to appear all around the edges, especially horrible where hair is present.

      I believe that, according to how my brain works, if I could understand how Refine Edge works then I would be able to get better results.







      P.S: I have seen several videos on this topic but they are desceptively simple and claim incredible results which I cannot reproduce on my own. I have started to think there is something being withheld by this people and that these could explain why they get great results and I don't .....