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    Opacity level changing when exporting text with alpha




      I am hoping someone can shed some light on what is happening with my opacity levels when exporting text with an alpha.  I have animated text where some words are black at 50% opacity and some words are white at full opacity.  They are on a textured background.  I need to give the other editors a version of the text married to the background and one that is just text with an alpha.  When I export it and bring it into Premiere, the "married" version looks fine, but the black in the version of the text with alpha appears more transparent.  I can fix this by changing the blend mode to Hard Light or Luminosity, but this alters the color of the white text slightly (and I should note that the blend mode in AE was normal).  I can of course work around this by exporting my black and white text separately, but I was hoping someone might know why this is happening.


      I am working on AE CC (ver12) and Premiere CC (ver7)


      Thank you!