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    Upgraded Flex app from SDK 3.0 to 4.5, QuickTest (QTP) 11 no longer identify columns in FlexDataGrid



      QuickTest Professional 11.0

      Adobe's Flex Automation Plug-in for QuickTest Professional 4.5

      IE 9.0

      Windows 7


      Flex Application was using Flex SDK 3.0

      Flex Application now using Flex SDK 4.5



      We were testing a Flex application that was compiled using Flex SDK 3.0. When QTP spied on the column header contained in a FlexDataGrid, the column header was identified as a FlexListLabel object and the automationname property contained a string made up of the column names.

      Example: automationname="[Exception Date] | [*Securities*]"

      where 'Exception Date' and 'Securities' are the column names in the grid.


      FLEX SDK 3.0:

      QTP Spy for Flex3.jpg





      We have another build of the same Flex application, in our test environment, that is using SDK 4.5.
      In this build, the automationname of the column header no longer contains the column names, instead it contains the data in the first row of the grid. I have made sure, that I am spying on a column name.


      FLEX SDK 4.5:

      QTP Spy for Flex45.jpg


      No changes were made to the code of the Flex application, we only moved from SDK 3 to SDK 4.5



      We have custom functions that verify and input data into FlexDataGrids based on the columns. These functions made use of the fact that column names were contained in the automationname property of the first FlexListLabel within the FlexDataGrid.



      Sample QTP Script Used in Function:
      'Retrieve column headers
      ColHeaders = objGrid.FlexListLabel("micclass:=FlexListLabel", "index:=0").GetROProperty ("automationname")
      arryColNames = Split(ColHeaders, "|")



      Has anyone else come across this issue?  Any suggestions on what to try on the QTP side or on our Develeoper's side to allow for the column header to be identified again by QTP?