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    Improving the quality of the mx:Glow filter

    Mr Binitie Level 1
      How can you control the quality of the mx:Glow filter? At the moment all my filters are square shaped. Using the flash.filters.GlowFliter class, the quality can be changed so that the filter rounds up in shape (1 or 2 give you a square-shaped glow) but, the mx:Glow does not seem to have such a property. Is there a walk-around solution to this problem?

      This is the code I have:
      <mx:Glow id="myGlowOn" duration="1000"
      alphaFrom="1.0" alphaTo="0.3"
      blurXFrom="0.0" blurXTo="50.0"
      blurYFrom="0.0" blurYTo="50.0"