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    WebHelp - With help window open, second application click does not bring help window back into focus

    seltzerj Level 1

      Hello all,


      Using RH11 to create context sensitive WebHelp for use with apigee-to-go console.

      Console allows URL calls to launch help in a new browser window (named within the help project).  Works fine except that the browser help window does not regain focus when subsequent context calls are made from the application.




      1. With application running in a browser window, I click a help link.  New browser window opens with correct help topic displayed.
      2. Return to application without closing help window.  Application window takes focus; help window moves to back.
      3. I click another help link. Help window does not regain focus.  However, it DOES move to the correct topic.


      I've tried lots of things.  Nothing seems to fix this.


      For reference, my context call looks like this:




      Thanks for any help anyone can provide.


      Jeff Seltzer